Tacos of Sea

By Aitor Calatayud

Aitor Calatayud aitor-calatayud Processing time: 35' Diners: 4

Tacos of Sea

Processing time: 35'
Diners: 4
  • 80 g. Chaplain crumbling in oil
  • 10 g. Fried ñora
  • 30 g. Pasteurized egg yolk
  • 40 ml. Sunflower oil
  • 3 g. of Algán
  • 4 Wheat tortillas 10 cm.

Aitor Calatatayud (chef of the Bandarra Bar) teaches us to prepare some simple but very tasty tacos with Algán, try them, they will surprise you!.


We chop the chaplain and the ñora and reserve. Mix the Algan with the egg yolk, emulsify with the sunflower oil and add salt.

Add the mayonnaise of Algan to the pericana mixture until you get a creamy texture. We reserve a bit of mayonnaise for the plating.

Place the wheat omelettes in a baking tray, resting between 2 metal rings to give them the wavy shape and brown them in the oven for 4 minutes at 160° C.


We put a quenelle of pericana inside the taco, we add mayonnaise points of Algan, the ñora fried minced and oil of ñora.